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GoAccount come with fast and modern user interface based on Google Material Design trend. Follow what interests you, get automatic alerts and collaborate on documents easily. Start creating invoices automatically, print and send them to your clients. Register bank statements, follow-up payments online... Automate more to save time.


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GoAccount has incorporated with multiple functions to help do more, in less time.:



1. Save Time

  • Simple and awesome user interface, save time for data entry, collaborate together and reminder functions, pay multiple invoices, easy setup, mobile, banking interface

4. Account payables

  • Control supplier bills; Employee expenses; Forecast expenses

7. Easy Reconciliation

  • Smart Reconciliation Tool; Easy outstanding payments; Reconciliation Report; Online Payments

10. Analytic Accounting

  • Hierarchies of cost accounts; Analytic distribution; Analytic report; Multiple-plans

13. Assets & Revenues

  • Assets Management; Budgets; Revenue Recognition; Revenue dashboard

2. Accounts Receivable

  • Clean customer invoices; Advanced Payment terms; Draft invoice propositions; On-the-fly payment reconciliation

5. Pay bills

  • Print checks; Deposit ticket; Automate wire transfers; Organize payment orders

8. Multis

  • Multi-currency support; Multiple users; Multi companies; Multi Journals

11. Subscriptions

  • Automatic Invoicing; Customer portal; Renewal alerts; Recurring revenues & extra

14. Connect

  • Web-service API; Flexible Import-Export; Google spreadsheet integration

3. Get paid easily

  • Credit Card Payments; Automated follow-ups; Aged receivable balance; Customer Portal; Advanced customer statements; QR Codes

6. Bank & Cash

  • Import Statements; Manage cash registers

9. Performance Reports

  • Business Intelligence reports; Annotate any report; Perpetual fiscal year closing; Customizable dashboards; Customizable KPI's

12. Legal Statements

  • Profit & Loss; Cash flow statement; General ledger; Consolidated Journal Report; Tax reports; Tax Audit Report; Advanced Taxes Management; Balance Sheet; Country-specific statements; Consolidation

Function & Features

About GoAccount

GoAccount offers you a broad spectrum of useful functions & tools with popular features that will improve your working environment.


Electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups:

  • Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online

  • Send reminders to your debtors in just a few clicks. Simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid more quickly

  • Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material


Clear dynamic statements:

  • Easily create your earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements

  • Quickly filter, zoom, annotate and compare any data

  • Use business intelligence's cubes to report across any dimension


Stop recording transactions manually. Integrated with other applications such as Expenses, Inventory, Point of Sale, Sales etc.


What to explore next...

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