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What will you need as a startup? Maybe a website for your company? Email to communicate with your clients? GoIT is here to save the day by offering different services to assist startups setting up the essentials in the digital world.


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1. E-mail

  • Webmail: Viewing and sending email through web browser

  • Outlook Integration: Managing the email through Microsoft Outlook

  • Mobile Client: Checking and replying email through mobile phone

  • Anti-Spam: Filtering junk email, dropping it to spam box

  • SSL Encryption: Encrypted data between transmission

  • Backup: Automatically daily backup

2. SSL

  • Reliable Website: Browser will show alert for non-ssl protected web site

  • Encrypted Traffic: Customer information will be encrypted during transmission

  • Enhanced SEO ranking: Boosting SEO ranking on search engine

  • Prevention of Phishing site: Authorized domain preventing the phishing site

  • Increasing customer trusts: Feeling confident with your website

3. Acceleration

  • Web application firewall (WAF): Inspecting the web request from rule engine and threat intelligence. Blocking the malicious request to protect your site

  • CDN: Optimizing loading speed of your website and improving the performance

  • Image Optimization: Reducing the image size by lossless algorithm

  • Mobile acceleration: Delivering the detected screen size image to the mobile


Nowadays, it is a digitization world. Everything goes through the internet for the transaction. Dedicated domain is a unique identity of your brand image. Your customer can access your web 24 hours without closed. You can do your business every moment.


E-mail is a formal communication tools in every business. Communication with your domain is professional image of your e-business. Customers are willing to have business with you and feel reliable.

SSL (Optional):

SSL certificate is an identify identification tool. Having SSL certificate is communicating with encrypted channel. SEO will be benefited for enhancing the ranking in google or others search engine.

Acceleration (Optional):

Protecting your site from numerous cyber attack everyday. Eliminating the risk of security hole of your site. Enhancing user experience by reducing the loading time of your website.

Function & Features

About GoIT

GoIT offers varieties of services to help you set up your company in the early stage:


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