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GoHRM is an exceptional HR management system to manage your human resources operations. Automate all your monotonous administrative tasks. We increase your productivity and enhance efficiency in your workplace.


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1. Personnel Management

  • Manage all your employees data in one place with a straightforward interface

4. Payroll & Taxation Management

  • Manage all payroll records, providing e-payslip, e-forms for submitting tax online and autopay to your designated banks and MPFs

2. Leave Management

  • Support different types of leaves and policeis, to easily manage employees leave balance and all leave records

5. Report Management

  • Provide various standard reports to use and importing datas from the system to show accuarte reports

3. Time & Attendnace Management

  • Easily track all employees attendance records and provide GPS clock in and out function

6. Employee Self Service Management

  • Employees can check personal information online for example calendar, leave balance, e-payslip and e-forms for applying leaves and other usages

GoHRM has incorporated our core HRIS with multiple functions to support your daily tasks.


Function & Features

GoHRM offers you a broad spectrum of tools and functions to help you simplify your administrative works. All your employees to access the system to complete different tasks such as bookeeping p-files, view leave records and etc.


Setting up permissions for different gradings to view different content such as files and functions


Comes with dashboard to view important announcements and notifications, calendar to mark down important dates and upcoming tasks and document management to save important files.

About GoHRM

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