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GoDM is a document management system that you can rely on to manage all your files. Less paper, less space to store all your hardcopy documents. Share all your files instantly and collaborate to update the files real-time.


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1. Convenient and easy accessibility

  • Access conveniently to create and edit your documents anywhere through your computer or any mobile devices with your browser

4. Secured and safe

  • Files are encrypted in the system and regular anti-virus check to increase security of your personal space

2. Manage your files

  • GoDM can centralize all your documents and medias and manage easily by sorting your folders. The files will be saved in the system permanently

5. Collaboration with others

  • Use file annotation, edit, file version control to synchronise files in the system to increase efficiency with colleagues

3. Support various file types

  • Support diverse types of documents such as Words, PowerPoint, image, videos and even apps

5. Thorough file search

  • Simple and straightforward file search in the system to locate your files

A personal space just for you.


Efficient and easy to use document management system to centralize all your important files.


Use anywhere to save and edit all your files. A cloud space you can trust.

About GoDM

GoDM is a system you can rely on to store your files securely and with other great features:


Function & Features

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