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GoTA provides you ZKTeco, access control and time & attendance products utilizing hybrid biometric verification technology. We offer you various security and time management products and solutions, including time & attendance, access control and etc. In addition, we also offer the system for you to keep all the attendance records for easy viewing.


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1. Hybrid Biometric Verification Technology

  • Facial recognition, fingerprint and other verification methods are compatible for access control and attendance tracking

4. Varieties of products to match your needs

  • ZKTeco have varieties products that will suit your needs from Access Control products, Time & Attendance products and etc. for you to choose from

2. Additional features to counteract pandemic period

  • Thermal imaging to record temperature of employees and mask detection so facial verficiation is available even with masks on

5. High system compatibility with ZKTeco hardwares

  • Easy and quick integration with ZKTeco hardwares with our software to transfer all data and records into the system

3. Huge data capacity

  • Large amount of face, user, user photos, transactions and many more data can be captured and saved

6. Reporting tools to support administrative operations

  • Time & Attendance data collected can be used to generate reports for managers to view the attendance transcations and overall attendance outcome

GoTA has incorporated with multiple functions to assist you with time & attendance and access control management:


Function & Features

ZKTeco is one of the globally leading enterprises of hybrid biometric verification technology, a brand you can trust to bring you the best results and easy to use.


Quick attendance taking process and storing of all attendance records in the device. Link to the system to immediately access the attendance records and use it to check if there are any abnormal records.

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