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GoTrain delivers a modern and advanced learning style to enhance your learning experience. An e-Learning platform to accelerate your learning curve. Start your personlised training courses now. GoTrain aims to deliver you a comfortable learning environment for you and your employees


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GoTrain helps you to manage all your training courses


Easily to check the students grades and progress for assignments


Do not need to apply for courses anymore with paper form


Result slips, attendance records and all important data will be tracked with our system

About GoTrain

1. Straightforward interface

  • A simple and easy to use user interface to guide you around and show all important information. Browse from anywehre anytime with your computer or mobile devices

4. Progress Tracking

  • Progress can be tracked easily, for example the percentage of the document viewed by the employee and the scores and completition of assignments and quizzes

2. Collboration with others

  • GoTrain provides a forum, comment and reply and other functions to enhance particitipation rate

5. Multi-elements learning environment

  • Easy to develop learning elements for example tests questions, video learning, forums and others

3. Notifications and Messenger

  • Notifications function enabled to receive alerts of important assignments, tests, updates and even new messages. Messenger function is included too to communicate easily with others

6. Simple user management

  • User accounts can have different roles such as administrator, teacher and student

GoTrain offers multiple functions to help you manage your online training platform:


Function & Features

What to explore next...

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